Frequency Asked Question

1. Can I buy over the phone ?

Yes, we will be very pleased to take your order over the phone.

Have your payment details at hand, alongside the details of the product that you would like to purchase then call +603-92824007/92813778. One of our Sales personnel will be delighted to assist you.

2. Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, we are happy for you to pay by bank transfer. Please call us at +603-92824007/92813778, or email us at sales@substation.com.my and we will provide you with our bank details and take you through the process.

3. Is there a surcharge for credit card payments ?

No, we do not impose a surcharge for credit card payments.

4. Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases?

Our prices are extremely competitive and so we have limited opportunity to improve them for multiple purchases. However, if you are thinking of placing a large order, please call us on +603-92824007/92813778 or email at sales@substation.com.my  and we will make sure that we give you the very best price possible.

5. If I am not happy with the product, can I get a refund ?

Refund is only applicable subject to our terms and condition as stated there forth. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.

6. What kind of payment terms do you offer?

For new customers, it will be on cash term basis. But after subsequent orders with a minimum orders of three (3) and a satisfactory fulfilled payment obligations as stipulated in the agreed payment terms, we can offer a credit facility. Terms and Conditions applied.

7. Do you sell only products related to substation parts only?

Most of our products are substation related, however recently we have added more products into our inventory line which encompasses products involving mechanical and electrical industries. More miscellaneous item are also included which you may visit our website, www.substation.com.my for your reviewing and needs.

8. Do you sell only electrical hardware parts?

Yes, most of them can be viewed in our website but as part of our value-added services, we will provide the possibilities of other products as required by our customer and non-electrical products. You may call our Customer Service line or email us your requirement and we will respond accordingly to your enquiries.

9. How can I order the electrical product?

You can fill in the Inquiry on our website or contact us by the email or telephone of the page Contact us. DSSB representatives are trained in all of the products we sell and are happy to help you with every phase of your project from planning to purchasing to any post order questions you may have. Give us a call directly at +603-92824007/92813778  if you are interesting on our product.

10. Are the items you sell new or refurbished?

Everything we sell is new. We do not sell refurbished item. We may also sell customized item.

11. Can I change the quantity, item, etc on my order?

You need to contact us by telephone followed by an email/fax to change items on your order, provided your order has not been shipped. Simply contact our Customer Service/Sales department for further enquiries.

12. Who can I contact for after sale products? What if I need products after office hours?

You can call our office at this numbers +603-92824007/92813778 or email us to sales@substation.com.my on your enquiries. We operate during working hours time with Monday-Friday between 8.00am to 6:00pm, Saturday – Off day, Sunday – Rest day and we are closed on Malaysian National and Federal territory state public holidays.

13. What range of products do you carry?

We carry various range of mechanical and electrical products to serve our customer but more often than not, our products covers power plants and substations electrical accessories that are being used within our power industry.

Our vision is to be a renown One Stop Substation Center covering supply of accessories for electrical power transmission cabling, earthing and equipment.

14. Where can I collect my goods ?

You are welcome to collect your goods from our office.

Payment for your item needs to be Cash before Delivery or cash/credit card payment at our counter for purchase through phone.

If payment is made prior to collection and you are new to our Sales personnel, you are requested bring along two forms of ID, one of which needs to be picture ID. Suggested forms of Id include:-

  • Identity card/ Passport
  • Driving License
  • Authorized Letter, if appoint a representative.

Collections have to be made in person, and cannot be conducted by a third party. Nonetheless, we may give exception provided an authorized letter before collection is forwarded to us stating the full particulars of the bearer in the letter.

15. Do you ship overseas ?

Yes, however agreed payment term must be adhered before shipment can take effect. Overseas delivery is on a case to case basis as our normal shipment covers within Malaysian shores only. Most of our overseas shipment is payment before delivery.

16. Does the item include all that is included in the picture?

Generally, items shown in the picture are included. However, there are exceptions. Always check the Details & Dimensions and accessories section listed to ensure their availabilities, however you may contact us for further verification.

17. Will the finish look exactly as it does on the website?

By including color chips, we give you the best online representation of the item in all of its finishes. However, every computer’s monitor is a little different and there may be slight variances between online images and the actual product.

18. What are the dimensions of this item?

The dimensions of an item are listed in the Details & Dimensions and accessories section. Manufacturer provided product specifications are available for some products.

19. Are your product certified or register with the power authority and/or certification body?

We are an accredited certified MS ISO 9001:2008 QMS company and are registered with our Malaysian government namely the Ministry of Finance as a registered Vendor. Our registration also includes Tenaga Nasional Berhad (government linked company for power utility), Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (government linked company for railways), Construction Industry Development Body, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (government linked company for telecommunication), Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad and a distributor for some of our products. More can be viewed in our website, www.substation.com.my and products that need further certification can be arranged on case to case basis. Terms and Conditions applied.

20. Are your products certification listed?

Our products are supplied in original manufacturer’s packaging unless clearly stated prior to sale. Certification labeling and listing numbers are those supplied from manufacturers. For requested specific standards and tests, we may proposed and arrange for certification with technical and commercial details pertaining to the certification to be agreed upon by both parties.

21. Are your products covered by warranty?

All of our products are covered by warranty. DSSB warrants all of its products for 3/6/12 months from the date of shipment depending on the product purchased. Consumable items are not covered by warranties.

22. How does DSSB stand behind its products?

Besides our warranty, our status as an ISO certified company provides assurance and reliability of its products.

23. If I need electrical products that is not stated in your website, can you help?

We can try to do so and source as per your requirement. Our relationship with various Sellers within the M&E industry has made our business networking more versatile in accommodating the fast paced economics development in the country.

24. Can you customize my needs based on drawings submission?

We can provide some advisory and/or consultancy capacity for electrical products that are much related to us. Since our technical committee has been involved in the substation engineering works and electrical products for almost 27 years, we can make some suggestion. Terms and Conditions applied.

25. If I submit drawings, will you be able to quote me the required products?

Yes, we can quote and make some proposals based on the electrical drawings

26.How do you determine stock availability?

Item availability is constantly updated. As soon as an item is in stock we update the availability status. If you have any questions please contact us by email or call us at +603-92824007/92813778.

27. Where are you located?

For direction to our office, you may view our website in the Contact Us menu or contact us at +603-92824007/92813778.

28. How can I be a corporate customer of your company?

Notwithstanding Question no 7, you can use the page Contact us on our website, our personnel will discuss the preliminaries with you by email or telephone and the details will be finalized upon accepting the Terms and Conditions as stipulated therein.

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