Prüfball SPB Digital Voltage Tester

Type Item Code Phase-/ Phase Sequence Test Continuity Test Additional Load 30 mA-RCD-Tripping LCD Value
SPB 500L 50-500 V DSSB-RSE-VT-81422 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SPB 1000L 50-1000 V DSSB-RSE-VT-81423 Yes Yes Yes Yes

New : Switchable Load Now Also With CAT IV 1000V

The Prüfball SPB digital combines modern microcontroller applications with approved features of the analog Prüfball -Robust, Precise and Maintenance-Free

  • One-piece safety casing made of solid rubber, extremely voltage proof, unbreakable, dust- and waterproof.
  • Direct reading of all function without pressed buttons.
  • Phase, phase sequence and continuity test.
  • Additional load (RCD-Tripping)
  • Reliable phase sequence test by micro-controller analysis, possible with glove.
  • Maintenance-Free
  • CAT IV 1000V