Prüfball SPB-UB For Subway Voltage Tester

Type Item Code Self-Test With Green LED Single Pole Voltage Warning Add. Load to Determine Interference Volt LCD Value Angled Ext. Magnet For Rail
SPB 1000L -UB 50-1000V DSSB-RSE-VT-81391 Yes Yes Yes Yes
SET SPB-UB 50-1000V DSSB-RSE-VT-81390 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

New : Switchable Load Now Also With CAT IV 1000V

  • One-piece safety casing of solid rubber. Extremely impact resistant, dust- and waterproof.
  • Highest safety against surge voltage CAT IV, 1000V.
  • Direct voltage indication by Red LED and backlighted LCD.
  • Integrated self-test by Green LED and LCD.
  • Extension and Magnet for easy testing at third rail.