Portable Earthing And Short Circuit For The 3rd Rail

Item Code

    • 1 no. Aluminum and steel earthing clamp for the tightening to rails, with torque limiter available upon request
    • 1 no. extra flexible copper cable, sec. 95 mm2, length 3,5 m, covered with transparent silicone sheath
    • 1 no. brass clamp, DIN tail, with screw tightening and handle; clamp capacity on rail contact from 60 to 95 mm
    • 1 no. green fiberglass insulating stick in epoxy resin length = 1.5m. Configuration in two elements with
      length 750 mm each
      , to be assembled through coupling with “simplex” stop ring. End cap and hand guard.
    • 1 no. metal case for the storage and the transfer of the device.

The device has 95mm² cables’ section so that it can sustain a ICC of 40 KA for 0,25
second; 30,3 KA for 0,5 second and 21,4 KA for 1 second